Sunday, 14 October 2007

Happy Week!!!

What's this? Happy week??? What happened to individual daily wishes??? Don't worry, it's only a temporary thing, we're having a few technical problems at the moment so wont be able to post that often with wishes of happy day good times, although we still mean them.

Tiny the technical support cat is here to help us, somehow I don't feel that we're getting our moneys worth.

"Zzzzz..... can't.... work it out.... am just a cat.... Happy week zzzzz"
Well this could take longer than we thought to fix, especially as the problem is with the mouse. Somehow I don't think sleeping on it is going to fix the issue.
It's hard to forecast for an ever changing week so far in advance but we can see that it is predominantly dish clothes. I wonder if there will be a lot of washing up for these dish clothes to do, we wouldn't want them to not fulfil their destiny for providing us with sparkling kitchenwares.
Mr Cheese says: "No happy day gang for the week? Huh... that's not good... well might as well use the time to organise my surfboards."
Yours absently,
The Happy Day Gang.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Happy Friday!!!

Friday is here, here Friday is. Let's hear it for Friday! Hooray! Ok, so the weekend is almost upon us but we have one more day left to go, it should be good though, perhaps your office leaves early on a Friday? Our office of happiness is open all hours, but don't worry, we're still happy.

Today's happy day wishes come from the mighty Gizmo from Gremlins!!!

"Check me out in my groovy car, or am I just holding a white hoop and about to juggle? Happy Friday!!"
Gizmo is in fact driving as you may have guessed. Let's hope it doesn't rain otherwise we could all be in trouble (his car's a convertible.)
Today's forecast is... rain....... oh dear...
Mr Cheese says: "Never fear, I have leant gizmo my full body waterproof happy poncho! Even if Gizmo does get wet there will only be happy Gremlins spawned that shall help with your daily chores!"
The Happy Day Gang.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Happy Thursday!!!

Make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in an upright position. Thursday is landing!

Today's happy day wishes are coming straight from the Homersapien crew!

"I swear the pub was just down here somewhere, how are we supposed to quench our parched throats with beverages if we can't find the pub? Happy Thursday!"

Don't worry, the pub isn't too far away and there's a few lemonade stalls in the forest should they find themselves desperate for some liquid imbibement.

Today's forecast is tossed salad and scrambled eggs. We don't know what to do about them either.

Mr Cheese wonders: "Is the Happy day gang the right place for spurios Frasier references? Hmm...."

Yours cap-doffingly,

The Happy Day Gang.

Happy Wednesday!!!

Like a mobile phone plugged in overnight we are fully charged and ready to serve a spot of happiness for your day.

Today's Happy Day wishes are coming straight from Filaffel the MeerKat, he's a big fan of Jurassic Park.

"Roar!!!! Check out my T-rex impression, how scary am I? Anyway I'm off to march around my land menacingly and scare a few ants. Happy Wednesday!!!"

Today's forecast is haggling. Great if your buying but if you're selling it could be tought to maintain a profit margin.

Mr Cheese says: "Offset your risk of being out haggled by upping your prices, it's the only way." And so a vicious circle of over-pricing and haggling is set in motion. Welcome to Egypt (as rumour has it they are quite the fans of a good haggle over there.)

Yours marginly,

The Happy Day Gang.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Happy Tuesday!!!

Another day another collection of hours put together to make a collection of shiny coinage into our pockets, some of which will be eaten by a creature known as the taxman. Research has shown that this little seen individual lives solely on coinage, something most of us cannot eat. It tends to partake in this feast whenever we buy things, sell things, get paid for work, die, sneeze or generally do anything other than keep our coins safely in our pockets. He's a master of stealth to, the money disappears without us ever seeing him. It's a mystery...

Without further ado we have our Happy Day wishes being brought to us today by a Doozer, he does work but does not get paid in coinage so he has no chance of spying the elusive tax man.

"What do Doozers do? Doozers do what Fraggles don't, couldn't wouldn't shouldn't wont. Fraggle like to laugh and play, but Doozers like to work all day. Happy Tuesday!!!"

Every office has one, we say a big hooray to those that enjoy their work, however us fraggles are just happy to have an internet connection.

Today's forecast is Marmalade, research shows that you have to be of a certain age to enjoy it. We prefer honey or a species of jam on our bread so today isn't a good forecast for us.

Mr Cheese says: "Be you Doozer or be you Fraggle there should always be time to surf."

Yours hangteningly,

The Happy Day Gang.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Happy Monday!!!

Welcome all to the beginning of the week, we hope your weekends were shiny and spotless like a well polished coffee table.

Today's Happy Day wishes are given to us by Sensei the Emperor Tamarin.

"Be like Happy water flowing down a plughole of joy towards the inevitable conclusion of purification. May your days flow with ease like seasons of the year. A happy and zen Monday to you all!"

We bow and carry forth, ready to tackle all the potential challenges this Monday brings, we suggest you do the same.

Today's forecast is No toilet roll. Yes it's true that there can be a forecast with a lack of something, we weren't sure it was possible either. We suggest stock piling on giant leaves or perhaps putting your toilet roll in a safe so that the Paper Gnomes cannot steal it. Otherwise you could be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Mr Cheese asks us: "Do toastie makers make better sandwiches than toasting in a grill?" A choice of taste we feel although toastie makers get our vote if it wasn't for the cleaning.

Singers and Bards,

The Happy Day Gang.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Happy Friday!!!

Happy Friday everyone. Frequently known as Firday for those who type too fast, don't worry the firs don't mind representing the last day of the working week. We have our weekend raring to go, Saturday is currently doing warm up laps in preparation.

Today's happy day wishes are being the lead singer of Mr Cheese and the biscuits, a legend in the waiting Cattywal!

"'First I was afraid, I was petrified...' Well I couldn't find my car keys and had a gig to go to, it was quite worrying. Happy Friday!!"

Today's forecast is passport photos, there shall be humour and cringing in equal proportion today.

Mr Cheese says: Do 8 out of 10 cats really prefer whiskers? I think we should take a pole.

Let's paws for thought,

The Happy Day Gang.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Happy Thursday!!!

Happy Thursday!!! Yes, we did an interview with Thursday and it turns out that Thursday is indeed happy, don't worry, we really do our research here..

Today's Happy Day wishes come from Boufles the fluffly cat, yes he loves the hair products.

"Ok, enough with the jokes, I'm not a tribble I am actually a cat. Happy Thursday!!!"
He doesn't use wash and go, he washes and stays, and washes again, then conditions, then blow dries with a lot of brushing and a side order of combing. It takes him 3 hours to be ready to go anywhere. That's crazy we reckon but hey, he sure got a mighty hair style.
Today's forecast is Fresh up guys. Yep, this is more for the guys to worry about than the gals. Those crazy people who hang around gentleman's bathroom areas demanding they spray many forms of aftershave based substances on you whilst helping you wash and dry your hands with creamy soap substances and paper towels. Goshtarnit! We are men, we require only the use of a clean bathroom area and a place to wash our hands, need we not these crazy bonus products.
Mr Cheese says: Do your business, wash your hands and run. The power of the fresh up man to take coinage from you with the legendary line "gizzaguyatip" is strong, do not fall for his powers, paper towel is not worth a pound.
Yours gettingthefearingly,
The Happy Day Gang.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Happy Wednesday!!

Hooray for Wednesday, yep it's officially the day to marry your Nintendo Entertainment System. Give it time... you'll get it.

Today's happy day wishes are being wished by Eshnee the sneezing cat, best get your umbrellas ready.

"Eshhhhneee!!! Essshhnnneeee!!! Ah, so that's how I got my name. Happy Wednesday!!!"

Don't worry, Eshnee quite likes sneezing, she always gets room to stretch out on the train.

Today's forecast is fantastic, no other tastics have been forecast thus far. Let's hope the day lives up to its forecast, expect to be impressed.

Mr Cheese recommends that we ride our bikes around the office whilst singing that bicycle song that Queen did to see how long it takes until we get fired. Should provide humour for many but you may want to make sure that your CV is prepped and ready to go.

Yours achooingly,
The Happy Day Gang.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Happy Tuesday!!!

It's Tuesday! It used to be Truesday but it once told a lie so old father time took away its "r." It wasn't a big lie, it just told a few people that it actually came after Wednesday and not before, these people had extremely confusing weeks and some of them missed appointments. Still such mischief cannot be had from such a thing, being a day of the week is a big responsibility that cannot be shirked. Imagine what would happen if Tuesday didn't turn up for work, we'd miss out on a days pay!!! Although we would be one step closer to the weekend... hmm....

Today's happy day wishes are coming from the Obtuse angle, he is an extremely obtuse individual.

"Check my large quality of angle, I am the best kind of angle haha! Don't go voting for that pessimistic acute angle, just because he has the word cute in his name. Don't be fooled by the marketing, have a happy Tuesday!!!"

He is rather obtuse we dare say, but he is quite a positive and open character.

Today's forecast is censorship. Oh bother, what does *!?%& mean? We can't read ascii!!! Prepare to feel patronised to by your government!

Oooo look at us getting all political. First no fluffly animal picture and then a statement on civil liberty, whatever next. Don't worry, I'm sure a cat or other fluffy based species will return soon... if we're lucky.

Mr Cheese recommends: Thundercats! Oh yes, it is mighty, showing the best species once more saving the planet and generally being groovy. Mr Cheese's favourite is Cheetara, we wonder why....

Be there or be a rectangle of equal sidedness,

The Happy Day Gang.

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Happy Monday!

We hope you all enjoyed your Saturdays and Sundays people, and we also hope you enjoy your Monday to Friday time too, which of course is why we are here to wish you all some groovy funky and generally other things that end in "y" of a positive nature wishes.

Today's happy day wishes are being wished by a new member of the Happy Day gang, Plinky the happy fish. You may remember him as an evil fish who did try to thwart the Happy Day gangs plan of wishing daily happy day wishes. Do not fear though (we can sense the sweating brows) he is now a good fish after spending so much time with the happy day gang he turned over a new leaf (the old one was getting crinkly) and has now decided that happiness indeed the way forward for all.

"Wooooo!!! This happiness is certainly much more fun than being evil and miserable, check my beaming smile! Happy Monday to all, whether fish, bird human or twig!"

We have to admit, it's sure good to know that a once evil genius has now become a happy genius instead. It is so hard to find happy genius' these days.

Today's forecast is yoga! Let's bend ourselves into crazy shapes and hope that one day a skilled chiropractor can get us out of them.

Mr Cheese's recommedation for today is to bow to anyone who tries to shake your hand today. Then they will know you are truly zen.

Yours Convertingly,

The Happy Day Gang.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Happy Friday!!!

Like a speck of dust floating in the sky admiring the view we too are floating around the internet enjoying the sites and getting ready to settle on a groovy weekend.

Today's Friday joy is wished from Maxiphew the toy collecting cat.

"I do like collecting toys, they also make for handy camouflage whenever I wish to make a stealth fort, I'm not a cat... I'm just being inanimate like all the other toys. Happy Friday!"
He does have quite the collection, and luckily amazing claw control too so that he never rips any of them, even when really happy (which is usually when covered in toys.)
Todays forecast is.... pending. Looks like we'll all be spending today waiting for things to be complete.
Mr Cheese says: "Clap your hands"
Is this new form of mind control going to replace the questions?
In a word, yes... well for a bit maybe. Let's face it, I'm sure you'd all be happy to have a break from trying to do various bizarre actions trying to find the always elusive answers.
Yours hiddenly,
The Happy Day Gang.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Happy Thursday!!!

Ah Thursday is here, marvellous. Personally, I feel a little Thursday too, might have to get myself a drink.

Sticking to a theme we have another film buff wishing us our Thursday grins. May I introduce to you Malc the Grudge Cat.

"Rrrrrrrr.... I'm going to get you Sarah Michelle Gellar. Mmm... Hollywood remakes of J-horror.... Happy Thursday!!!"

Using his natural supernatural ability of being a black cat combined with intimate knowledge of horror films makes for quite a cheeky cat who will ensure a sleepless night for any guests to his mansion. Rumour has it he's invited Derek Acorah and Yvette Fielding to stay at his house next week, perhaps someone should warn them that they're just going to be subjected to a naughty cat playing tricks. Still, I think that's what happens every week anyway. No doubt Sage Acorah will get all possessed as usual. Don't worry, we believe you Derek.

Today's forecast is catty, as in handbags at 10 paces/ooo get you, not as in being a cat. Of course we are bathing in the irony of a gang run mostly by cats having a catty forecast that has nothing to do with being a cat. Yes, bathe us with irony, lovely and warm.

Are there many cats that like films? Do we really not like Most Haunted? Where do you sneeze if your sitting on your hands in a crowded train? What is the maximum acceptable time to go without a shower?

The answers have been watching Spiderman 3 recently. They're web-swinging their way all over the place, I really don't fancy your chances of catching them.

Yours marblearchingly,

The Happy Day Gang.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Well we've made it this far through the year without watching Happy Feet. To be honest we can't get too excited about watching a group of ice dwelling animals that get their kicks from injecting valium into their toes.

Today's pleasantries come from Jumble the Jaws cat, he's seen one too many Steven Spielberg film.

"Dada.......dada.......dadadadadaDADDADADA.... chomp!!! Heh heh, such a joyously entertaining film. Happy Wednesday!!!"

Not very scary you may think but imagine him doing that under a glass coffee table when you're not expecting it. I dropped five biscuits that day. If he wasn't scared of water perhaps we'd have been able to scare the evil fish into submission.

Today's forecast is unevenly burning candles... it could get messy.

Can you see too many Spielberg films? Who would win between Jaws and Robocod? Ballpoint or fountain, which is the better pen?

Only three questions today I'm afraid, however there are four answers out there somewhere, how does that work?

Your paradoxically,

The Happy Day Gang.

Happy Tuesday!!!

Like an mp3 player we are compressing all our happiness into one email, but don't worry there will be no drop in happy feeling quality and you don't need to use ijoy either.

Todays happy day wishes are being sent from Floyd and Boyd the tractor steering wheel secuirty cats.

"Zzzzz..... such a boring job zzzzz..... can't stay alert 24/7 zzzz.... Happy Tuesday....zzzz..."

You may be thinking "well they're clearly sleeping on the job, what if a group of banderous field mice were to steal the tractor and try and scrump some wheat?" Well you'd be worrying about nothing, they may be sleeping but no mouse in their right mind will try and steal a tractor with two sleeping cats in it.

Todays forecast is that bit in Independence Day where Wil Smith punches an alien and says "welcome to Earth." It's going to be a feel good one today.

How many films has young master Smith been in now? Would he be better at protecting tractors? Do the field mice feel badly represented? Surely they're not all of a vexacious way?

Well, the answers were painted on a wall somewhere in Wales with invisible ink, if you want to find out then you'll have to visit every wall in Wales with a UV light.

Yours spuriously,

The Happy Day Gang.

Monday, 24 September 2007

Happy Monday!!!

Hmm... it's Monday already huh? Interesting, think I may note that down, definitely didn't feel like 2 days of weekend fun time? We may have to have a word with old father time, perhaps he was pedaling his time bike faster than usual. Of course I'm sure this wouldn't have happened if we didn't buy him an Espresso maker last Christmas, somedays he just gets carried away.

Today's Happy Day wishes are bought to you by the Budweiser birds, oh such a craze created for a new generation of youngsters by an American beer of arguably watery proportions.

"Wazzzzzzzzzupp!!!! Happy Monday!!!"

Honestly, it's been over 10 years and they still don't get tired of it. One would've thought that they'd have got lock jaw by now.

Today's forecast is mini-babybel cheese. Be careful about purchasing this rather mischevious snack, if the advertising is to be believed then you could be going for quite a long run.

Is the Happy Day gang really doing product placement? Should we get sponsers? Will the wassup craze ever be reborn? What if we created a rival beer called wassup?

Well there are answers currently existing right in front of your face, sadly they were playing with a particle accelerator and are existing on a different stratosphere invisible to us. If you spend a few hundred years trying to break the rules of physics you may just be able to join them. Careful though, if it goes wrong you'll be transported to Milton Keynes and never escape!!! Only locals know the grid system!

Yours wassupingly,

The Happy Day Gang.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Happy Friday!!!

Like a tasty burger but without all the fat content the happy day gang is here to celebrate the coming of the favourite weekday, the mighty Friday!!!

Bigging it up to the happy massive is Dr Furrball the rap cat, ready to step up to the mike and spit some heavy lyrics for our eager ears. Bring your hand bling together in applause!!!

"Hey yo, is it coz I is cat? A shout out to the Happy Day massive, may your friday be bigging itself bigger than any big thing that has been before. Happy Friday!!!!"

Well, we've been told. Hencewith it shall be a good day.

Today's forecast is squeaking. Be prepared all you drivers out there to spend the day wondering what exactly is wrong with your car and whether it has been making that noise for a while and you've only just noticed it. Don't worry, we're sure it's just a couple of vociferous mice playing a rather verbose game of snap in your passenger footwell.

Dare we? Should we? Would we? Could we?

We just don't know.

Love and light and sunshine and stuff,

The Happy Day Gang.

Happy Thursday!!!

Hmm... it appears that once more technology is not being very kind to us and our happy Thursday and Friday have both been delayed until Sunday. Still we shall carry forth anyway:

Thursday is here again, as is its custom to appear once in a week. We're glad that Thursday doesn't shirk its responsibilities, it always makes an appearance.

Unlike young besham the curious Loris who is always hiding up in trees being all nosey and curious. He never gets any housework done.

"Ah! So it's true! Bears do really pee in the forest! Happy Thursday everyone!!"

Don't tell Bearus Sapphire, he hates it when people watch him pee. If it's not Besham then it's David Attenbourough with a camera, there always seems to be someone. To be honest I think he'd be better off installing a toilet in his cave, but he's all about the principle of the thing.

Today's forecast is smouldering, here's looking at you kid.

Why why why Delilah? Does ginger hair mean your mother ate too many cheesey wotsits during pregnancy? Or was she drinking from the hot tap (it's a copper tank.)

Some tricky ones there, for the answers we should get a large box of paperclips and tip them onto the floor. If the answers are spelt out then you're in luck, if not then you may never know.

Yours Splendifirously,

The Happy Day Gang.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Happy Wednesday!!!

Hello Wednesday, we hope you are well and your Addams family namesake is behaving herself. Today's Happy Day wishes are wished by Udon the questioning cat, he went to ask Plinky a few questions about his evil plans and fell into the water.
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"Go on, laugh it up boys and girls, ha ha I'm all wet. Please can someone pass me a towel, oh and Happy Wednesday I suppose too." We think his pride is a little hurt but guaranteed after a few shots at the milk bar he'll be all laughs about it. Today's forecast is the Senate, oh let us ruminate for hours on getting nowhere and then make a stack of bad decisions. Yep, we're getting political, vote Mr Cheese for president! Are there any questions today? No, sorry, we have run out of question fuel and need to fill up on some more at a Trivia quiz or two. That way we can empty out our excess of answers too. Salutations The Happy Day Gang.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Happy Tuesday!!!

Well we're all still celebrating our victory over Plinky from yesterday. It was a rather late night last night so we're a bit closer to the sleepy day gang than the Happy Day Gang it has to be said. However there is work to do and lots of paperwork to be filled out and filing to be done. Lloyd the filing cat is here today to wish you all a Happy Tuesday.
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"Look! Look! See how I keep my documents under control! Who's the boss? Huh? Huh? Me! That's who! Happy Tuesday y'all!!!" He may look like a glorified paperweight but Lloyd is actually very competent at handling all the Happy Day paperwork as our Document Controller, that's why we value him the most and make sure he gets the best treatment. Do you know similar people in your company? You should do the same. Well we've peered out of the windows today and it appears the forecast is meatballs, flying ones at that. This could be a tasty day or the very definition of a nightmare if you're vegetarian. Will Lloyd ever realise that his paper crumpling will stop the documents going through the photocopier? How long until the Christmas stock comes out? Do all flux capacitors get invented by a knock to the bonce whilst on the throne? Will anyone notice that Plinky was actually referred to as Pilky when first introduced? Let us all grow long beards so that we can stroke them and ruminate on these questions. Surely after a few years of beard growth our rumination power will be such that the answers will surely come to us. Yours cattersly, The Happy Day Gang.

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