Monday, 8 October 2007

Happy Monday!!!

Welcome all to the beginning of the week, we hope your weekends were shiny and spotless like a well polished coffee table.

Today's Happy Day wishes are given to us by Sensei the Emperor Tamarin.

"Be like Happy water flowing down a plughole of joy towards the inevitable conclusion of purification. May your days flow with ease like seasons of the year. A happy and zen Monday to you all!"

We bow and carry forth, ready to tackle all the potential challenges this Monday brings, we suggest you do the same.

Today's forecast is No toilet roll. Yes it's true that there can be a forecast with a lack of something, we weren't sure it was possible either. We suggest stock piling on giant leaves or perhaps putting your toilet roll in a safe so that the Paper Gnomes cannot steal it. Otherwise you could be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Mr Cheese asks us: "Do toastie makers make better sandwiches than toasting in a grill?" A choice of taste we feel although toastie makers get our vote if it wasn't for the cleaning.

Singers and Bards,

The Happy Day Gang.

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