Sunday, 14 October 2007

Happy Week!!!

What's this? Happy week??? What happened to individual daily wishes??? Don't worry, it's only a temporary thing, we're having a few technical problems at the moment so wont be able to post that often with wishes of happy day good times, although we still mean them.

Tiny the technical support cat is here to help us, somehow I don't feel that we're getting our moneys worth.

"Zzzzz..... can't.... work it out.... am just a cat.... Happy week zzzzz"
Well this could take longer than we thought to fix, especially as the problem is with the mouse. Somehow I don't think sleeping on it is going to fix the issue.
It's hard to forecast for an ever changing week so far in advance but we can see that it is predominantly dish clothes. I wonder if there will be a lot of washing up for these dish clothes to do, we wouldn't want them to not fulfil their destiny for providing us with sparkling kitchenwares.
Mr Cheese says: "No happy day gang for the week? Huh... that's not good... well might as well use the time to organise my surfboards."
Yours absently,
The Happy Day Gang.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Happy Friday!!!

Friday is here, here Friday is. Let's hear it for Friday! Hooray! Ok, so the weekend is almost upon us but we have one more day left to go, it should be good though, perhaps your office leaves early on a Friday? Our office of happiness is open all hours, but don't worry, we're still happy.

Today's happy day wishes come from the mighty Gizmo from Gremlins!!!

"Check me out in my groovy car, or am I just holding a white hoop and about to juggle? Happy Friday!!"
Gizmo is in fact driving as you may have guessed. Let's hope it doesn't rain otherwise we could all be in trouble (his car's a convertible.)
Today's forecast is... rain....... oh dear...
Mr Cheese says: "Never fear, I have leant gizmo my full body waterproof happy poncho! Even if Gizmo does get wet there will only be happy Gremlins spawned that shall help with your daily chores!"
The Happy Day Gang.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Happy Thursday!!!

Make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in an upright position. Thursday is landing!

Today's happy day wishes are coming straight from the Homersapien crew!

"I swear the pub was just down here somewhere, how are we supposed to quench our parched throats with beverages if we can't find the pub? Happy Thursday!"

Don't worry, the pub isn't too far away and there's a few lemonade stalls in the forest should they find themselves desperate for some liquid imbibement.

Today's forecast is tossed salad and scrambled eggs. We don't know what to do about them either.

Mr Cheese wonders: "Is the Happy day gang the right place for spurios Frasier references? Hmm...."

Yours cap-doffingly,

The Happy Day Gang.

Happy Wednesday!!!

Like a mobile phone plugged in overnight we are fully charged and ready to serve a spot of happiness for your day.

Today's Happy Day wishes are coming straight from Filaffel the MeerKat, he's a big fan of Jurassic Park.

"Roar!!!! Check out my T-rex impression, how scary am I? Anyway I'm off to march around my land menacingly and scare a few ants. Happy Wednesday!!!"

Today's forecast is haggling. Great if your buying but if you're selling it could be tought to maintain a profit margin.

Mr Cheese says: "Offset your risk of being out haggled by upping your prices, it's the only way." And so a vicious circle of over-pricing and haggling is set in motion. Welcome to Egypt (as rumour has it they are quite the fans of a good haggle over there.)

Yours marginly,

The Happy Day Gang.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Happy Tuesday!!!

Another day another collection of hours put together to make a collection of shiny coinage into our pockets, some of which will be eaten by a creature known as the taxman. Research has shown that this little seen individual lives solely on coinage, something most of us cannot eat. It tends to partake in this feast whenever we buy things, sell things, get paid for work, die, sneeze or generally do anything other than keep our coins safely in our pockets. He's a master of stealth to, the money disappears without us ever seeing him. It's a mystery...

Without further ado we have our Happy Day wishes being brought to us today by a Doozer, he does work but does not get paid in coinage so he has no chance of spying the elusive tax man.

"What do Doozers do? Doozers do what Fraggles don't, couldn't wouldn't shouldn't wont. Fraggle like to laugh and play, but Doozers like to work all day. Happy Tuesday!!!"

Every office has one, we say a big hooray to those that enjoy their work, however us fraggles are just happy to have an internet connection.

Today's forecast is Marmalade, research shows that you have to be of a certain age to enjoy it. We prefer honey or a species of jam on our bread so today isn't a good forecast for us.

Mr Cheese says: "Be you Doozer or be you Fraggle there should always be time to surf."

Yours hangteningly,

The Happy Day Gang.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Happy Monday!!!

Welcome all to the beginning of the week, we hope your weekends were shiny and spotless like a well polished coffee table.

Today's Happy Day wishes are given to us by Sensei the Emperor Tamarin.

"Be like Happy water flowing down a plughole of joy towards the inevitable conclusion of purification. May your days flow with ease like seasons of the year. A happy and zen Monday to you all!"

We bow and carry forth, ready to tackle all the potential challenges this Monday brings, we suggest you do the same.

Today's forecast is No toilet roll. Yes it's true that there can be a forecast with a lack of something, we weren't sure it was possible either. We suggest stock piling on giant leaves or perhaps putting your toilet roll in a safe so that the Paper Gnomes cannot steal it. Otherwise you could be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Mr Cheese asks us: "Do toastie makers make better sandwiches than toasting in a grill?" A choice of taste we feel although toastie makers get our vote if it wasn't for the cleaning.

Singers and Bards,

The Happy Day Gang.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Happy Friday!!!

Happy Friday everyone. Frequently known as Firday for those who type too fast, don't worry the firs don't mind representing the last day of the working week. We have our weekend raring to go, Saturday is currently doing warm up laps in preparation.

Today's happy day wishes are being the lead singer of Mr Cheese and the biscuits, a legend in the waiting Cattywal!

"'First I was afraid, I was petrified...' Well I couldn't find my car keys and had a gig to go to, it was quite worrying. Happy Friday!!"

Today's forecast is passport photos, there shall be humour and cringing in equal proportion today.

Mr Cheese says: Do 8 out of 10 cats really prefer whiskers? I think we should take a pole.

Let's paws for thought,

The Happy Day Gang.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Happy Thursday!!!

Happy Thursday!!! Yes, we did an interview with Thursday and it turns out that Thursday is indeed happy, don't worry, we really do our research here..

Today's Happy Day wishes come from Boufles the fluffly cat, yes he loves the hair products.

"Ok, enough with the jokes, I'm not a tribble I am actually a cat. Happy Thursday!!!"
He doesn't use wash and go, he washes and stays, and washes again, then conditions, then blow dries with a lot of brushing and a side order of combing. It takes him 3 hours to be ready to go anywhere. That's crazy we reckon but hey, he sure got a mighty hair style.
Today's forecast is Fresh up guys. Yep, this is more for the guys to worry about than the gals. Those crazy people who hang around gentleman's bathroom areas demanding they spray many forms of aftershave based substances on you whilst helping you wash and dry your hands with creamy soap substances and paper towels. Goshtarnit! We are men, we require only the use of a clean bathroom area and a place to wash our hands, need we not these crazy bonus products.
Mr Cheese says: Do your business, wash your hands and run. The power of the fresh up man to take coinage from you with the legendary line "gizzaguyatip" is strong, do not fall for his powers, paper towel is not worth a pound.
Yours gettingthefearingly,
The Happy Day Gang.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Happy Wednesday!!

Hooray for Wednesday, yep it's officially the day to marry your Nintendo Entertainment System. Give it time... you'll get it.

Today's happy day wishes are being wished by Eshnee the sneezing cat, best get your umbrellas ready.

"Eshhhhneee!!! Essshhnnneeee!!! Ah, so that's how I got my name. Happy Wednesday!!!"

Don't worry, Eshnee quite likes sneezing, she always gets room to stretch out on the train.

Today's forecast is fantastic, no other tastics have been forecast thus far. Let's hope the day lives up to its forecast, expect to be impressed.

Mr Cheese recommends that we ride our bikes around the office whilst singing that bicycle song that Queen did to see how long it takes until we get fired. Should provide humour for many but you may want to make sure that your CV is prepped and ready to go.

Yours achooingly,
The Happy Day Gang.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Happy Tuesday!!!

It's Tuesday! It used to be Truesday but it once told a lie so old father time took away its "r." It wasn't a big lie, it just told a few people that it actually came after Wednesday and not before, these people had extremely confusing weeks and some of them missed appointments. Still such mischief cannot be had from such a thing, being a day of the week is a big responsibility that cannot be shirked. Imagine what would happen if Tuesday didn't turn up for work, we'd miss out on a days pay!!! Although we would be one step closer to the weekend... hmm....

Today's happy day wishes are coming from the Obtuse angle, he is an extremely obtuse individual.

"Check my large quality of angle, I am the best kind of angle haha! Don't go voting for that pessimistic acute angle, just because he has the word cute in his name. Don't be fooled by the marketing, have a happy Tuesday!!!"

He is rather obtuse we dare say, but he is quite a positive and open character.

Today's forecast is censorship. Oh bother, what does *!?%& mean? We can't read ascii!!! Prepare to feel patronised to by your government!

Oooo look at us getting all political. First no fluffly animal picture and then a statement on civil liberty, whatever next. Don't worry, I'm sure a cat or other fluffy based species will return soon... if we're lucky.

Mr Cheese recommends: Thundercats! Oh yes, it is mighty, showing the best species once more saving the planet and generally being groovy. Mr Cheese's favourite is Cheetara, we wonder why....

Be there or be a rectangle of equal sidedness,

The Happy Day Gang.