Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Happy Tuesday!!!

Like an mp3 player we are compressing all our happiness into one email, but don't worry there will be no drop in happy feeling quality and you don't need to use ijoy either.

Todays happy day wishes are being sent from Floyd and Boyd the tractor steering wheel secuirty cats.

"Zzzzz..... such a boring job zzzzz..... can't stay alert 24/7 zzzz.... Happy Tuesday....zzzz..."

You may be thinking "well they're clearly sleeping on the job, what if a group of banderous field mice were to steal the tractor and try and scrump some wheat?" Well you'd be worrying about nothing, they may be sleeping but no mouse in their right mind will try and steal a tractor with two sleeping cats in it.

Todays forecast is that bit in Independence Day where Wil Smith punches an alien and says "welcome to Earth." It's going to be a feel good one today.

How many films has young master Smith been in now? Would he be better at protecting tractors? Do the field mice feel badly represented? Surely they're not all of a vexacious way?

Well, the answers were painted on a wall somewhere in Wales with invisible ink, if you want to find out then you'll have to visit every wall in Wales with a UV light.

Yours spuriously,

The Happy Day Gang.

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Ella goddess of the Universe said...

Goddammit i was just in Wales!! unfortunately i dont own a UV pen.... :-( i know i'll steal one! muhahahah!