Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Well we've made it this far through the year without watching Happy Feet. To be honest we can't get too excited about watching a group of ice dwelling animals that get their kicks from injecting valium into their toes.

Today's pleasantries come from Jumble the Jaws cat, he's seen one too many Steven Spielberg film.

"Dada.......dada.......dadadadadaDADDADADA.... chomp!!! Heh heh, such a joyously entertaining film. Happy Wednesday!!!"

Not very scary you may think but imagine him doing that under a glass coffee table when you're not expecting it. I dropped five biscuits that day. If he wasn't scared of water perhaps we'd have been able to scare the evil fish into submission.

Today's forecast is unevenly burning candles... it could get messy.

Can you see too many Spielberg films? Who would win between Jaws and Robocod? Ballpoint or fountain, which is the better pen?

Only three questions today I'm afraid, however there are four answers out there somewhere, how does that work?

Your paradoxically,

The Happy Day Gang.

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