Sunday, 23 September 2007

Happy Thursday!!!

Hmm... it appears that once more technology is not being very kind to us and our happy Thursday and Friday have both been delayed until Sunday. Still we shall carry forth anyway:

Thursday is here again, as is its custom to appear once in a week. We're glad that Thursday doesn't shirk its responsibilities, it always makes an appearance.

Unlike young besham the curious Loris who is always hiding up in trees being all nosey and curious. He never gets any housework done.

"Ah! So it's true! Bears do really pee in the forest! Happy Thursday everyone!!"

Don't tell Bearus Sapphire, he hates it when people watch him pee. If it's not Besham then it's David Attenbourough with a camera, there always seems to be someone. To be honest I think he'd be better off installing a toilet in his cave, but he's all about the principle of the thing.

Today's forecast is smouldering, here's looking at you kid.

Why why why Delilah? Does ginger hair mean your mother ate too many cheesey wotsits during pregnancy? Or was she drinking from the hot tap (it's a copper tank.)

Some tricky ones there, for the answers we should get a large box of paperclips and tip them onto the floor. If the answers are spelt out then you're in luck, if not then you may never know.

Yours Splendifirously,

The Happy Day Gang.

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