Thursday, 27 September 2007

Happy Friday!!!

Like a speck of dust floating in the sky admiring the view we too are floating around the internet enjoying the sites and getting ready to settle on a groovy weekend.

Today's Friday joy is wished from Maxiphew the toy collecting cat.

"I do like collecting toys, they also make for handy camouflage whenever I wish to make a stealth fort, I'm not a cat... I'm just being inanimate like all the other toys. Happy Friday!"
He does have quite the collection, and luckily amazing claw control too so that he never rips any of them, even when really happy (which is usually when covered in toys.)
Todays forecast is.... pending. Looks like we'll all be spending today waiting for things to be complete.
Mr Cheese says: "Clap your hands"
Is this new form of mind control going to replace the questions?
In a word, yes... well for a bit maybe. Let's face it, I'm sure you'd all be happy to have a break from trying to do various bizarre actions trying to find the always elusive answers.
Yours hiddenly,
The Happy Day Gang.

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