Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Happy Tuesday!!!

Well we're all still celebrating our victory over Plinky from yesterday. It was a rather late night last night so we're a bit closer to the sleepy day gang than the Happy Day Gang it has to be said. However there is work to do and lots of paperwork to be filled out and filing to be done. Lloyd the filing cat is here today to wish you all a Happy Tuesday.
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"Look! Look! See how I keep my documents under control! Who's the boss? Huh? Huh? Me! That's who! Happy Tuesday y'all!!!" He may look like a glorified paperweight but Lloyd is actually very competent at handling all the Happy Day paperwork as our Document Controller, that's why we value him the most and make sure he gets the best treatment. Do you know similar people in your company? You should do the same. Well we've peered out of the windows today and it appears the forecast is meatballs, flying ones at that. This could be a tasty day or the very definition of a nightmare if you're vegetarian. Will Lloyd ever realise that his paper crumpling will stop the documents going through the photocopier? How long until the Christmas stock comes out? Do all flux capacitors get invented by a knock to the bonce whilst on the throne? Will anyone notice that Plinky was actually referred to as Pilky when first introduced? Let us all grow long beards so that we can stroke them and ruminate on these questions. Surely after a few years of beard growth our rumination power will be such that the answers will surely come to us. Yours cattersly, The Happy Day Gang.

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