Sunday, 30 September 2007

Happy Monday!

We hope you all enjoyed your Saturdays and Sundays people, and we also hope you enjoy your Monday to Friday time too, which of course is why we are here to wish you all some groovy funky and generally other things that end in "y" of a positive nature wishes.

Today's happy day wishes are being wished by a new member of the Happy Day gang, Plinky the happy fish. You may remember him as an evil fish who did try to thwart the Happy Day gangs plan of wishing daily happy day wishes. Do not fear though (we can sense the sweating brows) he is now a good fish after spending so much time with the happy day gang he turned over a new leaf (the old one was getting crinkly) and has now decided that happiness indeed the way forward for all.

"Wooooo!!! This happiness is certainly much more fun than being evil and miserable, check my beaming smile! Happy Monday to all, whether fish, bird human or twig!"

We have to admit, it's sure good to know that a once evil genius has now become a happy genius instead. It is so hard to find happy genius' these days.

Today's forecast is yoga! Let's bend ourselves into crazy shapes and hope that one day a skilled chiropractor can get us out of them.

Mr Cheese's recommedation for today is to bow to anyone who tries to shake your hand today. Then they will know you are truly zen.

Yours Convertingly,

The Happy Day Gang.

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