Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Happy Wednesday!!

Hooray for Wednesday, yep it's officially the day to marry your Nintendo Entertainment System. Give it time... you'll get it.

Today's happy day wishes are being wished by Eshnee the sneezing cat, best get your umbrellas ready.

"Eshhhhneee!!! Essshhnnneeee!!! Ah, so that's how I got my name. Happy Wednesday!!!"

Don't worry, Eshnee quite likes sneezing, she always gets room to stretch out on the train.

Today's forecast is fantastic, no other tastics have been forecast thus far. Let's hope the day lives up to its forecast, expect to be impressed.

Mr Cheese recommends that we ride our bikes around the office whilst singing that bicycle song that Queen did to see how long it takes until we get fired. Should provide humour for many but you may want to make sure that your CV is prepped and ready to go.

Yours achooingly,
The Happy Day Gang.

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