Sunday, 14 October 2007

Happy Week!!!

What's this? Happy week??? What happened to individual daily wishes??? Don't worry, it's only a temporary thing, we're having a few technical problems at the moment so wont be able to post that often with wishes of happy day good times, although we still mean them.

Tiny the technical support cat is here to help us, somehow I don't feel that we're getting our moneys worth.

"Zzzzz..... can't.... work it out.... am just a cat.... Happy week zzzzz"
Well this could take longer than we thought to fix, especially as the problem is with the mouse. Somehow I don't think sleeping on it is going to fix the issue.
It's hard to forecast for an ever changing week so far in advance but we can see that it is predominantly dish clothes. I wonder if there will be a lot of washing up for these dish clothes to do, we wouldn't want them to not fulfil their destiny for providing us with sparkling kitchenwares.
Mr Cheese says: "No happy day gang for the week? Huh... that's not good... well might as well use the time to organise my surfboards."
Yours absently,
The Happy Day Gang.

1 comment:

** Pink Sparkly Goddess ** said...

*ahem* i've been waiting 2 months for more happy day wishes... where are they? :-)