Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Happy Tuesday!!!

Another day another collection of hours put together to make a collection of shiny coinage into our pockets, some of which will be eaten by a creature known as the taxman. Research has shown that this little seen individual lives solely on coinage, something most of us cannot eat. It tends to partake in this feast whenever we buy things, sell things, get paid for work, die, sneeze or generally do anything other than keep our coins safely in our pockets. He's a master of stealth to, the money disappears without us ever seeing him. It's a mystery...

Without further ado we have our Happy Day wishes being brought to us today by a Doozer, he does work but does not get paid in coinage so he has no chance of spying the elusive tax man.

"What do Doozers do? Doozers do what Fraggles don't, couldn't wouldn't shouldn't wont. Fraggle like to laugh and play, but Doozers like to work all day. Happy Tuesday!!!"

Every office has one, we say a big hooray to those that enjoy their work, however us fraggles are just happy to have an internet connection.

Today's forecast is Marmalade, research shows that you have to be of a certain age to enjoy it. We prefer honey or a species of jam on our bread so today isn't a good forecast for us.

Mr Cheese says: "Be you Doozer or be you Fraggle there should always be time to surf."

Yours hangteningly,

The Happy Day Gang.

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