Sunday, 23 September 2007

Happy Friday!!!

Like a tasty burger but without all the fat content the happy day gang is here to celebrate the coming of the favourite weekday, the mighty Friday!!!

Bigging it up to the happy massive is Dr Furrball the rap cat, ready to step up to the mike and spit some heavy lyrics for our eager ears. Bring your hand bling together in applause!!!

"Hey yo, is it coz I is cat? A shout out to the Happy Day massive, may your friday be bigging itself bigger than any big thing that has been before. Happy Friday!!!!"

Well, we've been told. Hencewith it shall be a good day.

Today's forecast is squeaking. Be prepared all you drivers out there to spend the day wondering what exactly is wrong with your car and whether it has been making that noise for a while and you've only just noticed it. Don't worry, we're sure it's just a couple of vociferous mice playing a rather verbose game of snap in your passenger footwell.

Dare we? Should we? Would we? Could we?

We just don't know.

Love and light and sunshine and stuff,

The Happy Day Gang.

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