Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Happy Thursday!!!

Ah Thursday is here, marvellous. Personally, I feel a little Thursday too, might have to get myself a drink.

Sticking to a theme we have another film buff wishing us our Thursday grins. May I introduce to you Malc the Grudge Cat.

"Rrrrrrrr.... I'm going to get you Sarah Michelle Gellar. Mmm... Hollywood remakes of J-horror.... Happy Thursday!!!"

Using his natural supernatural ability of being a black cat combined with intimate knowledge of horror films makes for quite a cheeky cat who will ensure a sleepless night for any guests to his mansion. Rumour has it he's invited Derek Acorah and Yvette Fielding to stay at his house next week, perhaps someone should warn them that they're just going to be subjected to a naughty cat playing tricks. Still, I think that's what happens every week anyway. No doubt Sage Acorah will get all possessed as usual. Don't worry, we believe you Derek.

Today's forecast is catty, as in handbags at 10 paces/ooo get you, not as in being a cat. Of course we are bathing in the irony of a gang run mostly by cats having a catty forecast that has nothing to do with being a cat. Yes, bathe us with irony, lovely and warm.

Are there many cats that like films? Do we really not like Most Haunted? Where do you sneeze if your sitting on your hands in a crowded train? What is the maximum acceptable time to go without a shower?

The answers have been watching Spiderman 3 recently. They're web-swinging their way all over the place, I really don't fancy your chances of catching them.

Yours marblearchingly,

The Happy Day Gang.

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