Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Happy Tuesday!!!

It's Tuesday! It used to be Truesday but it once told a lie so old father time took away its "r." It wasn't a big lie, it just told a few people that it actually came after Wednesday and not before, these people had extremely confusing weeks and some of them missed appointments. Still such mischief cannot be had from such a thing, being a day of the week is a big responsibility that cannot be shirked. Imagine what would happen if Tuesday didn't turn up for work, we'd miss out on a days pay!!! Although we would be one step closer to the weekend... hmm....

Today's happy day wishes are coming from the Obtuse angle, he is an extremely obtuse individual.

"Check my large quality of angle, I am the best kind of angle haha! Don't go voting for that pessimistic acute angle, just because he has the word cute in his name. Don't be fooled by the marketing, have a happy Tuesday!!!"

He is rather obtuse we dare say, but he is quite a positive and open character.

Today's forecast is censorship. Oh bother, what does *!?%& mean? We can't read ascii!!! Prepare to feel patronised to by your government!

Oooo look at us getting all political. First no fluffly animal picture and then a statement on civil liberty, whatever next. Don't worry, I'm sure a cat or other fluffy based species will return soon... if we're lucky.

Mr Cheese recommends: Thundercats! Oh yes, it is mighty, showing the best species once more saving the planet and generally being groovy. Mr Cheese's favourite is Cheetara, we wonder why....

Be there or be a rectangle of equal sidedness,

The Happy Day Gang.

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