Friday, 12 October 2007

Happy Friday!!!

Friday is here, here Friday is. Let's hear it for Friday! Hooray! Ok, so the weekend is almost upon us but we have one more day left to go, it should be good though, perhaps your office leaves early on a Friday? Our office of happiness is open all hours, but don't worry, we're still happy.

Today's happy day wishes come from the mighty Gizmo from Gremlins!!!

"Check me out in my groovy car, or am I just holding a white hoop and about to juggle? Happy Friday!!"
Gizmo is in fact driving as you may have guessed. Let's hope it doesn't rain otherwise we could all be in trouble (his car's a convertible.)
Today's forecast is... rain....... oh dear...
Mr Cheese says: "Never fear, I have leant gizmo my full body waterproof happy poncho! Even if Gizmo does get wet there will only be happy Gremlins spawned that shall help with your daily chores!"
The Happy Day Gang.

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