Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Happy Wednesday!!!

Like a mobile phone plugged in overnight we are fully charged and ready to serve a spot of happiness for your day.

Today's Happy Day wishes are coming straight from Filaffel the MeerKat, he's a big fan of Jurassic Park.

"Roar!!!! Check out my T-rex impression, how scary am I? Anyway I'm off to march around my land menacingly and scare a few ants. Happy Wednesday!!!"

Today's forecast is haggling. Great if your buying but if you're selling it could be tought to maintain a profit margin.

Mr Cheese says: "Offset your risk of being out haggled by upping your prices, it's the only way." And so a vicious circle of over-pricing and haggling is set in motion. Welcome to Egypt (as rumour has it they are quite the fans of a good haggle over there.)

Yours marginly,

The Happy Day Gang.

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