Monday, 24 September 2007

Happy Monday!!!

Hmm... it's Monday already huh? Interesting, think I may note that down, definitely didn't feel like 2 days of weekend fun time? We may have to have a word with old father time, perhaps he was pedaling his time bike faster than usual. Of course I'm sure this wouldn't have happened if we didn't buy him an Espresso maker last Christmas, somedays he just gets carried away.

Today's Happy Day wishes are bought to you by the Budweiser birds, oh such a craze created for a new generation of youngsters by an American beer of arguably watery proportions.

"Wazzzzzzzzzupp!!!! Happy Monday!!!"

Honestly, it's been over 10 years and they still don't get tired of it. One would've thought that they'd have got lock jaw by now.

Today's forecast is mini-babybel cheese. Be careful about purchasing this rather mischevious snack, if the advertising is to be believed then you could be going for quite a long run.

Is the Happy Day gang really doing product placement? Should we get sponsers? Will the wassup craze ever be reborn? What if we created a rival beer called wassup?

Well there are answers currently existing right in front of your face, sadly they were playing with a particle accelerator and are existing on a different stratosphere invisible to us. If you spend a few hundred years trying to break the rules of physics you may just be able to join them. Careful though, if it goes wrong you'll be transported to Milton Keynes and never escape!!! Only locals know the grid system!

Yours wassupingly,

The Happy Day Gang.

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