Thursday, 4 October 2007

Happy Thursday!!!

Happy Thursday!!! Yes, we did an interview with Thursday and it turns out that Thursday is indeed happy, don't worry, we really do our research here..

Today's Happy Day wishes come from Boufles the fluffly cat, yes he loves the hair products.

"Ok, enough with the jokes, I'm not a tribble I am actually a cat. Happy Thursday!!!"
He doesn't use wash and go, he washes and stays, and washes again, then conditions, then blow dries with a lot of brushing and a side order of combing. It takes him 3 hours to be ready to go anywhere. That's crazy we reckon but hey, he sure got a mighty hair style.
Today's forecast is Fresh up guys. Yep, this is more for the guys to worry about than the gals. Those crazy people who hang around gentleman's bathroom areas demanding they spray many forms of aftershave based substances on you whilst helping you wash and dry your hands with creamy soap substances and paper towels. Goshtarnit! We are men, we require only the use of a clean bathroom area and a place to wash our hands, need we not these crazy bonus products.
Mr Cheese says: Do your business, wash your hands and run. The power of the fresh up man to take coinage from you with the legendary line "gizzaguyatip" is strong, do not fall for his powers, paper towel is not worth a pound.
Yours gettingthefearingly,
The Happy Day Gang.


Mrs Orlando Bloom :-) said...

Hey we have fresh up girls in our toilets too! they supply us with cheap nasty perfume, hair brushes and more importantly - how do you think so many girls manage to materialise lolly pops upon returning from the loos? either they hide them down their knickers before arriving (ewww) or.. far more likely... fresh up lady sells lolly pops! usually at a pound a lolly! yes we're aware they're worth about 25p but who are we to argue with something that will invariably help us pull that night? LOL

The Happy Day Gang said...

We learn a new thing everyday. Unfortunately we don't get lollipops, not even a choc ice or mint biscuit. We also don't have as easy a hiding place from the stares of the fresh up man as we try and do our business. Bearus Sapphire thinks he has problems in the forest.....